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Cat Litter

Cat litter is cat litter, appropriate? If only it have been that uncomplicated. With almost 90 million cats living in the US alone, it really is not surprising that the annual international sales of cat litter is almost $1 billion. It’s massive company, and using the advent of more eco-friendly litter supplies competing with clay, it is going to obtain larger. Trying to establish the best cat litter for your cat may be a daunting mission. Just standing within the litter isle could be overwhelming to a new cat parent, and also cat owners which are just seeking an alternative to their present litter. You can find a lot of questions, a lot of brands and a lot of promises. Let’s take a look back at how cat litter was found, get acquainted with some common litter varieties and components, and examine the issues that cat parents have regarding its use and security.

Before 1950, most domesticated cats utilized the excellent outdoors as their litter box. The housecats in the day were treated to a box of sand or fireplace ashes. Just envision the mess that sooty, sandy paw prints would make across a freshly mopped floor. It was for that reason that in 1947, a lady frustrated together with the untidy tracks of her cat, approached her neighbor Ed Lowe to inquire about a far more penetrable kind of sand. Lowes’ family owned a business that sold industrial absorbents, so Lowe knew a factor or two regarding the absorbency of various natural supplies. He suggested to his neighbor that she use clay simply because of its high absorbency, and simply because it really is bigger grain size would lessen the tracking. The clay was a hit! Realizing the prospective of his locating, Lowe started packing the clay in brown paper bags, scribbling “Kitty Litter” across the front and promoting it to regional grocery retailers. And yes, for lack of a much better phrase, the rest is history.

Clay Litter

Non-clumping clay litteris made from natural clay, consisting of the minerals zeolite, diatomite, and sepiolate, and dried into tiny pellets or granules. Clay materials are very absorbent, drawing the cat urine towards the bottom with the litter box, therefore reducing odor. A variety of clay litters contain additives which supply added odor manage. Considering that classic clay is non-clumping, the cat urine ultimately mixes in to the clay requiring much more frequent cleaning.

Clumping clay litteris created from bentonite clay, which tends to clump together when wet. As a result of clumping property, the urine will clump into a ball as an alternative to seep all through the litter, creating scooping significantly much easier. While clumping litter is actually a small much more pricey than non-clumping, you usually don’t have to replace the litter as often working with much less over time.

Clay concerns- You will find some issues concerning achievable well being hazards of utilizing clumping litter. A common concern is that kittens, which typically ingest litter when they are very young, can develop an intestinal blockage, due to the swelling properties of sodium bentonite clay when it becomes wet. As a result it truly is encouraged that kittens not use clumping litter. Nevertheless, you will discover many stories on the internet from owners who report that their adult cats, and also kittens, have developed concerns for example intestinal blockages and respiratory issues, because of the dust, when employing clumping litter.

Silica Gel Litter

Produced from silica dioxide, silica gel litter – also known as crystal litter – is a more common alternative to clay litters. The granules consist of tiny pores that could absorb up to forty instances their weight in moisture. Nevertheless, once the granules have reached maximum saturation, urine will start to pool within the bottom with the litter box. While the dust related with silica litter is less evident than that in clay litter, it truly is nevertheless a concern for some cat parents who be concerned about respiratory illnesses resulting from repeated exposure. Nonetheless, mainly because of its high absorbency and good odor manage, crystal litter is really a preferred amongst a lot of cat parents, but some cats find the granules tough and uncomfortable on their paws.

Biodegradable Litter

Until the early 1990’s, the litter choice was a reasonably simple one: clumping, or non-clumping clay. The barrage of option litters has been steadily streaming onto shelves for just about 20 years, and because of the eco-friendly mindset of America, there has been a surge of biodegradable litters inside the final decade. Biodegradable litters are made from a variety of plant sources, and since they absolutely break down within the land fields they may be regarded as environmentally friendly. Though these litters cost more than classic clay litter, they are likely to final longer and most of them are flushable. Biodegradable litters are produced from a vast array of components which includes wheat grass, oat hulls, processed orange peel, cedar chips, pine sawdust; the list goes on. While generally believed to become safer than clay or silica based litters, the uncommon components might be off-putting to some cats, and a few cat owners discover that the odor handle is lacking.

So How Do I Make a decision?

The truth is, there’s no definitive formula for buying the ideal cat litter. Cats possess a reputation for being finicky; consequently you might need to attempt a number of brands or materials prior to finding the best litter for kittens 2020 fit for you as well as your cat. Before heading off for the pet retailer, take some time and investigation litter on the internet, such as visiting manufacturers’ websites. Try to find unbiased consumer reviews, commonly discovered on cat related blogs and forums. Talk with your veterinarian about achievable wellness effects that he/she might have observed because of a certain sort of litter. Approaching the litter isle with some details in hand will allow you to make an educated selection that may meet your needs and much more importantly those of one’s cat.