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Witness aviation history at the San Diego Air and Space Museum

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> Geoffrey Morrison/CNET It’s sunny and warm as I step out of my car into the parking lot of the San Diego Air and Space Museum. Of course, it’s San Diego so saying it’s “sunny and warm” is a lot like saying “I breathe air.” I’m in Balboa Park, a large, mostly green, park-like place roughly in the center of town.

The buildings adjacent to the lot are some stunning late art deco masterpieces leftover from the California Pacific International Exposition of the mid-1930s. Next to one of these examples of nearly-century old architectural design (and ( that’s old for California), is the dagger-like and unmistakable silhouette of an SR-71 Blackbird.

Wait, no, I am mistaken, it’s an A-12 Oxcart, which was smaller and somehow even faster. Across is a super-rare Sea Dart, the only seaplane ever to break the sound barrier.

This is the San Diego Air and Space Museum, which houses over 100 years of aviation history, including rare WWI aircraft, unique spacecraft and more. Here’s a look inside at some incredible aircraft from the entire history of powered flight.