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Manzanica is

  1. The most successful Loyalty processing CRM-solution based on Microsoft Dynamics. 
  2. Proven scalability to process up to 1’400 purchases per second.
  3. Full scope of functionality to cover all needs of Retail Loyalty Program management.

Manzanica today

 >12 years

      of experience

> 160 m


> 10 k


Manzanica — a proven solution for Loyalty Program management

Using Manzanica retailers increasе an average bill, purchase rate and marginality management

1. Database of participants
2. Levels of participation
3. Cards and accounts management

Communication chanel

1. Web, app, SMS, e-mail
2. Call-center communication
3. Social media monitoring

Participants stimulation

1. Discounts, points, combinations
2. Templates, calendars for rules
3. Gifts, coupons, gift сertificates

Business intelligence

1. Campaign effectiveness
2. Analysis of customer flows
3. Various forms of segmentation

Manzanica today


Mobile application

Intuitive interface


Scalable system

Social networks integration

Flexible licensing

Solution launch vast experience

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