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Reward management & Loyalty processing

  • More than 10’000 stores and over 160’000’000 participants operates with Manzanica
  • 11 years of successful operation — over 100 professionals onboard — more than 100 clients
  • 1 of 4 top-performing Microsoft Dynamics partners in the RETAIL INDUSTRY WORLDWIDE (Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Award)
  • 2-times winner of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Award (Microsoft Russia)
  • №1 Microsoft Dynamics CRM provider for the RETAIL INDUSTRY, HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY & PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (Microsoft Russia)

Our history



In 2017 Manzana Group has been recognized as one of the 20 most promising software developers working with the popular Microsoft Dynamics platform. The list was compiled by the authoritative American publication CIO Review on the basis of a survey of CEOs, IT directors and analysts from among the world’s leading companies, including the editorial board of CIO Review.

 «Manzanica’s solution is unique in a sense that it offers the entire set of functions required to successfully manage a customer loyalty program. Such feature as a user-friendly interface integrated with a set of different APIs assessing all aspects of the B2C communication system facilitates the creation of a comprehensive picture of customer experience,» — CIO Review sums up. 

«By applying various segmentation approaches, Manzanica’s analysis block streamlines the customer classification process and improves the quality of marketing campaigns.»

In 2015, Manzana Group has once again gained the title of an unrivaled leader in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Awards contest for the Retail industry leaving behind all the rest of the Dynamics CRM Microsoft solution suppliers operating in the Russian market. Manzana Group customers also get awards from research companies and professional communities. 

For example, Frank Research Group in its «2015 Study of Bank Loyalty Programs» named the «Benefit» program, designed for the credit card project of Bank Home Credit, the best benefit program and the «Gladiator» cash back card, developed for the Otkrytiye Arena stadium, as one of the best cash back programs. Otkrytiye Arena stadium has also won the Sport Media Awards 2015 award in the nomination «Best Athletic Facility.» 

Aeroexpress, Media Market retail chain, Moneks Trading (Victoria’s Secret, Mothercare, next, M·A·C, American Eagle) and other companies have elected Manzanica solution for the management of their loyalty programs.



In 2014, Manzana Group ranked the 1st (among other suppliers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, operating in the Russian market) in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Awards contest in the «Professional Services» and «Retail» categories. 

Manzana Group has launched a new project—«Client Club» —aimed to bring together loyalty program experts. Home Credit Bank, Otkrytiye Arena stadium of Spartak soccer club, chain of stores Sem+Ya and other companies have opted for Manzanica solutions designed to manage their loyalty programs.

In 2013, we can safely say that for the last 7 years of our history we have implemented a lot of challenging and interesting projects. 

Sometimes these were projects that others did not dare to take. 

Our customers have thanked us both for the business results they can achieve with the new IT solutions, and for a short time, which was required for the implementation of decisions, and thus the achievement of these goals.



In 2012 Microsoft headquarters recognized Manzana Group as one of the four most successful Microsoft Dynamics partners for the Retail industry. 

This award was recognition of our achievements to develop and implement solutions for retailers based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In 2010, our Manzanica solution on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been officially certified by Microsoft and obtained from the Microsoft headquarters the status of Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD). 

To date, Manzanica is the only Russian solution with CfMD status.



In 2008 the first version of Manzanica solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM was released.

In 2007, TECTURA conducted a thorough analysis of the Russian market Microsoft Dynamics partners and chose Manzana Group as its sole representative for Russia and other CIS countries. 

Then the consulting division of Microsoft — Microsoft Consulting Services – chose us as a contractor for the implementation of an unprecedented project to automate coalition Loyalty program of Finservice Bank and retail supermarket chain Seventh Continent on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.



The story of Manzana Group began on 16 November 2006. It was created by a team that was sure back then and is sure today in giant prospects of Microsoft Dynamics solutions in the Russian market. By that time, we had a great experience in automation large and medium businesses, as well as experience of managing a consulting business in Russia and Western Europe. We saw that western experience in business management and the use of modern information technology can be perfectly applied in Russia. And – most importantly – it can give excellent competitive advantages that are so necessary.

Our story began in 1997, when some of us started to work at the newly opened Russian representative office of international consulting company. Later we developed Navision business in Russia and the CIS, localized products Microsoft. 

Following the acquisition of Navision by Microsoft corporation, we were responsible for business development, localization of Microsoft Dynamics products and support of Microsoft Dynamics partners in Russia.