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A chain of hypermarkets of household appliances and electronics Media Market has launched the «Khitroshoping» («Smart shopping») loyalty program in Russia. Loyalty cardholders will not only be able to spend less on their shopping, but also participate in various sweepstakes. Manzanica system on the Dynamics CRM Microsoft platform was chosen as a solution for automation of Media Market’s loyalty program


The «POLZA» Program is not just another project for our bank, but a new, important stage in the bank’s development. That is why it was essential for us to find the right kind of Program management solution and a reliable company for the system implementation. It was critical for us to commission the system promptly and on a budget, while assuring it offers maximum functions and is highly scalable. We had to focus on those aspects because we are planning to spread the system to all regions of our presence in the future. The Manzanica solution was a perfect match for our requirements

NEXT is a retail chain selling clothes, distinguished by its exquisite London style. The chain has adopted a contemporary approach, which is twofold and is expressed in following the latest trends in fashion design and in delivering exceptional service to its customers. Privilege Club is a current loyalty program that uses a mobile application for effective communication with customers across Russia


Cooperation with Manzana Group proved to be fruitful and is up to our expectations. What we gained through the cooperation is the ability to build stronger relationship with our customers, better manage the goods’ prices and delivery deadlines, and conduct marketing campaigns. The overall customer service has improved. The company is equipped with more sophisticated analysis tools. We think our choice of partner was correct and we are satisfied with the solution


On behalf of OJSC Commercial Bank «Finservice,» I would like to thank your company for the job well done and for professionalism Manzana Group employees demonstrated. Working on a joint project, we managed to get a much needed solution supporting the operations of a coalition loyalty program

Mothercare is a chain of retail stores participating in the Privilege Club loyalty program. Mothercare offers its customers a broad range of products for the mothers-to-be and children from 0 to 10. It has established branches in many cities across Russia. Because Mothercare participates in a coalition loyalty program, it has a unique opportunity to customize communication with its customers for increased efficiency and can offer only specific coupons and gifts. For the loyalty program to work accurately and efficiently, Mothercare employs the Manzanica solution on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform

A direct official partner of Samsung Electronics. Company stores not only offer solutions and unique accessories selected by the manufacture, but also let their customers see the latest models and sometimes even participate in a preview before the start of official sales. The company elected to develop its loyalty program with help of Manzanica and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A chain of furniture hypermarkets Hoff—one of the largest and most dynamic Russian furniture networks. This Russian retail chain, the only furniture and home accessories company working in the hypermarket format in the Russian market, has selected the Manzanica solution on the Dynamics CRM Microsoft platform to manage its loyalty program

Today, all our stores are united by a common information environment, reflecting actual results of the work of each chain store at any given time, as far as the Customer Loyalty Program goes. At the same time, Manzanica the analysis and reporting features give us a powerful tool for the analysis of our current standing from different angles – at the level of stores, customer groups, demand for specific items, and efficiency of marketing campaigns

We have held a bidding and selected Manzana Group based on its results. The company won because, first of all, its experts have profound experience in the field of loyalty program automation, second—they have a strong team, and third—they offer solutions on the Microsoft platform, which have already proved to be effective. And on top of that, they have affordable prices

Selection of Microsoft as a platform for a solution gives real freedom in choosing a service provider for the project and in doing it according to the market conditions. We were choosing a partner for this project very carefully. What was the most important — for the service provider to have experience adequate for achieving our objectives, be capable of implementing complicated projects in compliance with our requirements and have a clear vision of the core of our business. The partner we have selected — Manzana Group, managed to persuade us that they have all the required qualifications and that they are experts in the domain of implementation of CRM for retail customers

I do business with customers from all corners of the world and know firsthand that such service as rent of business applications is widely used in the world. But it is rather difficult to find a company capable of providing this type of service with relevant professionalism and quality in Russia. Manzana Group happened to be the only company at that moment, whose business offer seemed to be flawless and compliant with international standards. I personally appreciate that Manzana experts provide us with both an efficient system and expert advisory services, i.e., help customize application settings and advise on how we should use certain functions to get maximum benefits. I am highly satisfied with the support provided by Manzana Group and would like to commend them for the exceptional customer service

Technological effectiveness of the program developed on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform helped assure transparency of our business processes. The system of personal accounts and SMS notifications boost customers’ confidence and increase their trust in us. Confidence, in turn, boosts loyalty

For the first time Formula One Russian Grand Prix was run at a circuit in Sochi, Russia. To organize an effective collaboration with mass media, partners and sponsors of sport organizations employed Microsoft Dinamics CRM

Client logoThe Moscow Brewing Company, selling its own beverages and food, entered the Russian market in September 2008. The company is represented by the most advanced brewery in Russia as well as its own distribution and logistics center. Software implementation: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A chain of supermarkets Victoria is a Russian federal trading company. It is successfully operates and expands in many regions, including Moscow. To interact with its customers, the company opted for the Manzanica solution and Manzana Loyalty Mobile application, designed for the participants of the loyalty program

It was not so easy to choose a suitable CRM system and a partner for its implementation. We reviewed solutions offered by several other companies, but decided to go with Manzana Group in the end. The reason for that was a strong feeling that experts of Manzana Group have accumulated enough experience working on complex projects, and will be able to solve our problems promptly and efficiently. Today we acknowledge that we have made the right choice. All stages of the project were completed timely and we are all set up to work with our fan club and visitors of Otkrytiye Arena stadium

O’KEI is retail chain that is dynamically developing in Russia, one of the largest product retail markets in Europe with high potential for further growth. We are among the leaders of the Russian retail market with 113 retail complexes (with the total shopping space amounts to more than 550 thousand sq. m) in the North-Western region, Southern region, Central region, in the Ural and Siberian regions of the country. Today O’KEI supermarkets are present in 29 biggest cities of Russia

It was important for us to get a reliable CRM system for managing our loyalty program. We have chosen a Manzanica solution and do not regret we made this choice. Our colleagues from Manzana Group demonstrated a profound knowledge of CRM systems and loyalty programs. I would also like to express our gratitude to the experts of the company for helping us develop the «participant personal account» feature

Experience in implementation of projects similar to ours demonstrated by our partner is a guarantee of our success. We were looking for the most experienced company operating in this market (in terms of the number of successfully implemented projects and their complexity). As a result, we decided in favor of Manzana Group. One more reason for that was that Manzana Group satisfied our business needs as far as the capabilities of the CRM solution and its level of readiness were concerned

The major outcome we are expecting from the implementation of the Manzanica solution is a boosted Customer Loyalty Program management, which should result in the enhancement of the privileges available to the holders of the “MOSCOW JEWELRY PLANT” discount card. Implementation os a new IT solution should assist us in launching of long-awaited partnership programs, Birthday Bonus Program, as well as arm us with an improved tool for comprehensive data analysis and reporting. And finally, one more point – we expect that Manzanica will supply us with the state-of-the-art tools for personalized customer care

The foremost objective of the «KORABLIK» retail chain is taking good care of its customers. Therefore we need reliable Customer Loyalty Program management system. We have selected Manzanica built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform because it is user-friendly, innovative and meets all standards of the current-day marketing. The issue of prompt commissioning of the system was also a high priority for us. Manzana Group employees showed their confidence and we believe they can successfully accomplish the task

When we were selecting a company to automate our Customer Loyalty Program, we were zooming in, first of all, on the company’s experience and availability of a ready solution, meeting our requirements. Manzana Group participated in a tender and won it. As a result, today we have an effective strategic tool, which can help us perfect our customer relationship and make the customer experience in “BRUSNICHKA” retail unforgettable

Dochki-Synochki (The Daughters and the Sons) offers a broad range of products to its customers—there over 55,000 items in its product range supplied by more than 500 companies from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, China, Turkey, Spain, France, Italy and a number of other countries. Our procurement service is on a continuous lookout for novelties worldwide. As a result, we have the most attractive offers on the best goods for our customers! To manage and develop its benefit program, Dochki-Synochki decided to go with Manzanica solution on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform

We needed a completed solution to launch a bonus program, which would not only credit bonuses, but also give discounts to our customers. That is why we were searching for a contractor… a professional contractor with experience in implementing projects in our industry

Customer service is one of our most important priorities. With implementation of the new CRM system, we are expecting to not only see an increase in the number of participants of our loyalty program, but also improve its quality

When we were creating our loyalty program, we wanted to get a tool that would allow us to gain a competitive edge on the market. The truth is—Omsk pharmacy market is already saturated with suppliers. There are also discount pharmacy chains that actively operate in it. But not all the players have abilities and desire to pursue the dumping policy. That is why Lifeline and First Social pharmacy chains were looking for a solution that would allow them to gain a reasonable (in terms of profitability) competitive position, while not only retaining its customers, but assuring that they would repeatedly come back. Company Zolotaya Seredina (The Golden Mean) was able to come up with just the right solution for our situation

We consider the selection of and IT solution to be a very important issue. Our customers and their perception of us are our most valuable assets. Therefore, we believe that we must be very careful selecting a CRM management tool. We have conducted a comparative study of the solution, offered by Manzana Group and other CRM market participants. One of the suppliers has even arranged a demonstration of their CRM system, using the settings compatible with our company’s cash register software. We needed a system that would be capable of handling promotion and marketing campaigns normally conducted by the “SEM+YA” chain of minimarkets. We were targeting an effective and robust CRM system. The solution, offered by Manzana Group, has not only met most of our requirements, but also showed that it has a great potential for further development of our marketing initiatives

The company launched manufacturing of household filters for drinking water back in 1993. More than 15 years have pasted since then and today BARYER (The BARRIER) is a conglomerate of four industrial enterprises, own R&D lab, fully automated and robotized German production lines and a team of more than 300 highly-qualified employees

We had yet one more chance to see for ourselves that the solution developed by Manzanica is a very convenient tool for the management of our program designed to give incentives to our regular customers. It has ultimately satisfied all our current needs. It offers a personalized approach to each participant and flexibility required to customize the procedure for the accrual of bonus points

We have assessed the market of software for Customers Loyalty Program management and concluded that Manzana Group is the leader in this segment. Another argument in favor of Manzanica was that their solution had been developed on the platform of the global leader in technologies – Microsoft Company. This inspires confidence in the quality and reliability of their system

I know very well that nobody reads long and dull feedbacks, so, I will make a brief and emotional comment: Manzana Group (and its employees) is an ideal partner for the implementation of a loyalty program on Microsoft CRM platform for your company

We based our decision on such criteria as experience in the field of development of loyalty programs, presence of experts highly-competent in the subject area and an ability to deliver customized solutions suiting customers’ needs. In the course of project development, Manzana Group acted as a reliable partner capable of delivering solutions addressing customers’ needs. We are planning to continue our cooperation with Manzana Group in the future

Four Paws is a federal chain of pet stores. Currently the network includes 107 pet shops. Currently the stores of the chain can be found not only in Moscow and the Moscow region, but also in other regions of Russia. Four Paws is distinguished by a vast range of pet supplies, experienced team, competitive prices and regularly offered special promotions, contests, sales promos and gifts for regular customers